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At first, Ghaith contemplated trying to secure a visa to a European country cheap jordan sneakers. But the rising violence in Syria had led most European countries to close their embassies in Damascus. Syrians could travel to Turkey or to Lebanon without a visa, air jordan sneakers for sale but the European consulates there were inundated with immigration requests and issuing very few visas.

Ghaith's other option was to apply for asylum. The European Union's Charter of Fundamental Rights guarantees that no asylum seeker can be "removed, expelled, or extradited" to a country where he might face "degrading treatment or punishment cheap air jordan sneakers." By this logic, any Syrian who made it to Europe would be eligible to stay there. But the matter wasn't that simple. In 1990, the E.U. had passed a law, now known as the Dublin Regulation, requiring asylum seekers to be registered, and fingerprinted, in the first E.U. state they entered. The measure, which was designed to discourage refugees from roaming Europe before choosing where to settle, posed a formidable challenge for asylum seekers, who often desired to live in one of the prosperous nations of Northern Europe, and thus had to find ways to traverse the countries in between without being noticed by the authorities. "Wherever you get stamped, cheap jordans sneakers you have to stay," Ghaith told me. Some refugees, upon reaching Italy, would burn their fingertips in order to make their prints temporarily indecipherable.

In May, 2014, Ghaith got a Facebook message from his brother jordan sneakers cheap. "You might be able to leave in about twenty days," Ghalib wrote from Sweden. "Don't tell anyone until it's all arranged. But prepare yourself so you'll be ready if it goes through." Ghaith replied, "Will do. May you always be there, brother."

Ghalib instructed him to drive to the Lebanese town of Bar Elias, jordan sneakers for sale ten miles west of the Syrian border, where a smuggler would give Ghaith a fake passport and a plane ticket to Oslo. The night before his departure, Ghaith's mother prepared him a farewell meal that included kabsa, an aromatic dish made from chicken and rice and tomatoes. He recalls his mother telling him jordan sneakers online, "I would rather you go than die from the pain of losing you here, like Umm Khaled"—a relative whose husband and four sons had been executed when the Army first swept into Jdeidet Artouz.